I am blessed to have the opportunity to do what I love! I love to photograph the ordinary and extraordinary in everyday life. Children grow up fast, seniors go off to college, and wedding day's are over faster than they were planned, you are left with memories of those precious times that bring such emotion back as if you were living it again. Photographs are a way of keeping those memories ever-so-present. My favorite images are those that are filled with emotion. My true passion is portraiture. The simplicity of a child laughing, hiding behind their mother, and stomping a mud hole is what brings me alive behind my lens. Senior portraits, couples, and families are among my favorite things to photograph. Bridal portraits, weddings, and other special events are also within the list of sessions I book. I am inspired by the beauty of human nature. 


                     Shelby Ragland | Owner/Photographer

MY Story

In 2010 I attended my long-distant cousin's wedding in Hot Springs, Arkansas. It was a beautiful ceremony at a small B&B, and she looked absolutely beautiful, as usual. After the ceremony, when her photographer (the grooms father) was taking photos of the bridal party and newlywed couple, I was taking snap shots with my "point and shoot". I thought they were pretty great, because hey they weren't blurry! I even got a few detail shots of the bouquets. After the wedding was over, and I came back home I decided I would "edit" a few of them (I use edit loosely here due to the fact my "software" was PicNik). She thought they were great! I'm not sure if she was just being nice because I'm family or if she actually liked them. Looking back there are so many technical things wrong. Like saturation, Gaussian blur, etc. I cringe at the thought of those photos. However, because of them and her enthusiasm I decided I would start to take photos of people. Of course that meant my younger cousins, sister, and landscapes. I posted them to Facebook and everyone "loved" them. I of course thought I was amazing! Then I booked my first ever paid session, a senior. Even though I continued to use my point and shoot I did actually get a few shots I wouldn't mind having printed today. A few. Skip to two years later, I decided I wanted to turn my hobby into a career. I used my aunt's Canon 30D and uncle's 7D while attending Kilgore College. I then purchased my first dslr and have since upgraded my equipment, education, and post processing. Photography is a huge part of who I am as a human being. I don't make pictures, I make art for your family.